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A Short Guide Towards Writing A Short Story

The term short story may be used to refer to a small piece of a prose that is in most cases read under a single sitting. In most of the instances, the short stories will tend to pay more focus on the self-reliant incidents or the ones which are linked together. In most of the cases, the intention of the short stories is to invoke the mood or the emotions of the short story reader. A short story and a novel usually have several outstanding similarities. Although the similarities may exist between the two, they should however not be confused. For the purpose of presenting the story, both the novel and the short story may use the plot and other dynamic components. The short stories in this case will however utilize this dynamic components in a more lesser degrees when compared to the novels. There are some guidelines that those who are seeking to consider the writing of the short stories are needed to follow. This article will then discuss the some of these guidelines which are necessary when writing a short story.

Reading of the short stories is the first thing to do for a person considering to take the step of writing great short stories. In this context, the reading will involve reading the great short stories. Being familiar with the various genres which are used for writing the short stories is the greatest significance that comes with reading other short stories in the first place. In the same time, one will be in a position of evaluating his own short story work and also be able to emulate some of the works that have been produced by other writers. With time one will be able to write a great short story and in the same time trying to come up with a unique writing style.

Aiming for the heart of the short story reader should also be considered when writing the short story. The meaning of this guideline is that the emotions of the short story reader should be evoked when reading the short stories. By this, one should consider the topic which are likely to move the readers. A good example of this topics may be those related to freedom, justice and love.

One should also consider narrowing of the scope as the next step. As mentioned, a short story is shorter than a novel. In this case, the short story should give a short slice of the life of the main character while in the same time bearing the theme and the weight. Considering development of a relevant title for the short story is the next guideline that one should also have in minde.

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