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What you did not know About Dogs.

Dog has been man’s best friend for longest time but there is a lot to know about your dog and some of the facts may come as a surprise to you. Being animals communication or understanding what they might be trying to bring to your attention might be difficult. some behaviors of dogs could be them trying to ask for help but people do not realize it for lack of understanding. Different dog breeds will act differently, however do some research on the breed you have to better understand what to watch out for in relation to the vests attention.

When you identify your dog running in circles chasing the tail, there could be different things behind this behavior. At such times your dog could be having discomfort, fleas in the particular area, exercising or having a predatory instinct. Taking your dog to the vet will aid in making certain that whatever could be triggering the behavior is nothing serious. Another fact that comes as surprising is that dogs dream the same way human beings do when they are in deep sleep. This will be observed by dogs barking in their sleep or just moving their paws. Dogs have no night vision co0ntaray to what people believe. The dogs sweat glands are only located in the paws and those are the only points that they sweat from . When it is extremely hot out there you could take initiative to wet the paws of the dog when they are relaxing.

At entry points of many countries you will find security expert with dogs which ensure that no contraband items go across the borders. Dogs are very good with smells in fact they are one hundred thousand times better with smells than human beings, if anything is in the air the dog will trace it. The sense of smell is not the only thing that sets dogs apart, they are very good with hearing as well and they can hear four times far than humans can. Dogs are quite observant too and based on how they know their owner they will know when they are anxious and when they are calm.

Dogs are quite intelligent and have the sense of time, when the owner is gone a for a long period of time they will kiss the owner. Dogs have the ability to pick on our routines and incorporate them in their lives too, if you train your dog to eat at a certain time, they will always be alert any minutes before that time as they know that’s when they eat. A two year old intelligence is similar to that of the dog and that is why they get along well.

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